Sister Teresa 38 Jahre Erfahrung

Sis­ter Tere­sa Zukic from the “Small Com­mu­ni­ty of the Bro­thers and Sis­ters of Jesus” is mul­ti-talen­ted. In addi­ti­on to her well-known cook­book “Him­mel im Mund” and her con­tri­bu­ti­ons to dealing with can­cer, the for­mer com­pe­ti­ti­ve ath­le­te works as a spea­ker, key spea­ker, aut­hor, com­po­ser and musi­ci­an, pain­ter and ama­teur cook.


Sis­ter Tere­sa is not a blank sla­te. She is known to mil­li­ons of Ger­mans through her tele­vi­si­on appearan­ces, musi­cals, church ser­vices, lec­tures, ser­mons and books. As a gra­dua­te reli­gious edu­ca­ti­on tea­cher, she is a sought-after guest spea­ker throughout Ger­ma­ny and now also inter­na­tio­nal­ly and has been causing a sen­sa­ti­on as a mana­ger trai­ner for years.

“The nun, who is brim­ming with ener­gy and joie de viv­re, com­bi­nes talent for spea­king, humor, open­ness and enthu­si­asm for the faith to crea­te a rou­sing per­so­na­li­ty. She does­n’t give boring lec­tures that make you buck­le or bend, but con­vin­ces with real-life assi­s­tance for ever­y­day life.

“She owes her gre­at inter­net and media pre­sence to her tireless dili­gence. With 100 lec­tures a year, she inspi­res Chris­ti­ans and com­mu­nities of all deno­mi­na­ti­ons, com­pa­nies and busi­ness forums, rural women’s days and women’s breakfasts.”


As a top key spea­ker, Sis­ter Tere­sa has been inspi­ring peop­le at com­pa­nies, com­pa­nies and busi­ness days for years.

In front of 600 den­tists in the Mari­tim Hotel in Colo­gne, at the Eco­no­mic Day of the Spar­kas­se in the Bam­berg Con­gress Hall in front of 1200 visi­tors, at the Day of Crafts in front of 900 visi­tors in Lör­rach, at the Schmidt­Col­leg in front of 300 top entre­pre­neurs, at ener­gy com­pa­nies such as the Trur­nit­fo­rum in the Künst­ler­haus or for the late­ral thin­ker con­gress in the Old Con­gress Hall in Munich, or at medi­um-sized companies.

Book Author

A selec­tion of publis­hed books:

  • Lie­be Kir­che Brie­fe an Gott und sein Bodenpersonal
  • Zwölf­mal Segen für Dich
  • Na toll, lie­ber Gott. Mein ver­rück­tes Leben.
  • Lebe, lache, lie­be… und sag den Sor­gen Gute Nacht!
  • Die See­le braucht mehr als Pflaster
  • Von der Zärt­lich­keit Gottes
  • Die klei­ne Non­ne. Mein geist­li­ches Notizbuch.
  • Jeder ist nor­mal bis Du ihn kennst. Von der Spi­ri­tu­el­len Kraft Men­schen zu (er) tra­gen ohne den Humor zu verlieren.
  • Der befrei­en­den Umgang mit Fehler
  • Aben­teu­er Christ sein” — 5 Schrit­te zu einem erfüll­ten Leben
  • Aben­teu­er­land Kindergottesdienste


Your musi­cals are always com­mu­ni­ty pro­jects. Up to 150 par­ti­ci­pants aged 5–75 are invol­ved to show how ali­ve our church can be. Only living peop­le make a living church! The musi­cal about the Holy Spi­rit is struc­tu­red like a modern devo­tio­nal. My dream of a living church lives from trust in the work of the Holy Spi­rit. She vou­ches for that with her name.

Hobby Cook

She rare­ly comes along, but when Sis­ter Tere­sa swings the coo­king spoon, not only the small com­mu­ni­ty is hap­py, but also many guests.

In her cook­book “Hea­ven in the mouth — cook­book for body and soul” she and Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli, can­cer spe­cia­list at the Ber­lin Cha­ri­té Enjoy­ment and dealing with can­cer. In this book they pass on their wealth of know­ledge and their life expe­ri­ence of healing enjoy­ment from their ever­y­day lives as pas­tors and doc­tors. This book is spi­ced up with her pas­si­on for coo­king, her love for peop­le and her gre­at sen­se of humour. For des­sert, they have inclu­ded nume­rous color pho­tos and uni­que reci­pes in this book. A book against pro­hi­bi­ti­ons and ren­un­cia­ti­on and for more joie de viv­re, cor­dia­li­ty and gratitude!

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